Oncology Nursing Job Responsibilities

Oncology nurses are specifically educated and trained to deal with the patients of oncology. The science of oncology is that branch of medicinal sciences which deals with the disease called cancer. Oncology includes all of the fields relating to cancer i.e. diagnosis, treatment, therapy, surgery, follow up, palliative care, ethics etc. Cancer is a disease which is yet to see a permanent solution which makes this a critical situation, so the nurses being employed as oncology nurse must be aware of the various responsibilities he or she will have to hold at that position. A few samples of the responsibilities of an oncology nurse are being given here.

Sample Oncology Nursing Job Responsibilities

  • The oncology nursing is responsible for taking proper and timely care of a cancer patient.
  • Oncology nursing includes the responsibility of preparing special and customized (or rather individualized) patient care plans for each of their patients.
  • An oncology nurse is responsible for monitoring and registering all of the changes in the symptoms or stats of the cancer patients he or she are treating.
  • Oncology nursing includes the responsibility of implementing new methods of monitoring and symptom treatment.
  • Oncology nurse is responsible for creating a supporting environment for the patients of cancer as well as the family of the cancer patients.
  • An oncology nurse has the responsibility of educating his or her cancer patients and their family about the existing options with the patient, the possibilities of the treatments and success rate etc.
  • The oncology nurse is responsible for recording the progress of the patient, the response he or she is showing to the treatment and also update the doctor with this information from time to time.
  • Oncology nursing includes the responsibility of administering the therapy and other treatments of the patient.

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