Operation Manager Job Responsibilities

Operation Manager Responsibilities

They help in planning, directing and coordinating the operations of private or public companies. They help in formulating policies, planning the usage of human and material resources, managing day-to-day activities.

The job type is such that it is very vast and diverse to be classified in a particular functional area of administration or management like purchasing, personnel or administrative services.

Operation Manager Job Responsibilities


–          Work with the supervising team to contribute to the implementation and development of company policies, strategies and practices.

–          Help in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of support service by improving individual functions along with communicating and coordinating between business and support tasks.

–          Administer overall planning, financial management, controls and systems.

–          Improvement of individual plan budgets.

–          Managing financial documents.

–          Help in long term planning that includes initiatives drawn towards operational fineness.

–          Payroll supervision that includes tabulation of accumulated employee reimbursements.

–          Oversee officer managers weekly.

–          They perform jobs like accounts payable, data entry, grant report entry, managing the companies HR department, payrolls, helping the company to program budgets along with the Program and ED direct, etc.

–          Daily scheduling & dispatching of chauffeurs & maintaining an on call list which is compulsory for twenty-four hours-a-day or seven days in a week.

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