Operational Investment Banker Job Responsibilities

Often referred to as the “engine room” in an organization, the Operations Division in an Investment Bank provides support for the client-facing departments.  The client-facing departments include Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, and Trading, and are popularly termed as the Front Office. The Operational investment banker job responsibilities may extend to Human resources, IT and Public Relations and various other jobs that deal with issues of business clients.

Operational Investment Banker Job Responsibilities

  • Following the selling and buying of financial commodities.
  • Following the services provided by banks.
  • Confirming ownership of products accurately and efficiently.
  • Documenting and reporting accurately.
  • Clearing funds and financial commodities between a buyer and a seller.
  • Supervising a large team of office clerks.
  • Liaising with various clients and different divisions of bank.
  • Collating as well as analyzing information of systems.
  • Troubleshooting all issues and problems.
  • Pinpointing and suggesting ways to improve and develop the systems.
  • Ratifying flows of data.
  • Ensuring accuracy which may be termed as Operations Control.
  • Managing daily banking processes.
  • Checking and rechecking regular reports of transactions.
  • Coordinating the systems testing.
  • Acting like an interface along with other bank divisions.
  • Negotiating with traders, making sure all problems are solved efficiently and harmoniously.
  • Recruiting, coaching and training fellow team members.
  • Organizing team meetings, managing team members and being responsible for all team and individual appraisals and criticism.
  • Being the one responsible for all the Capital Raising and Advisory Work.
  • Assisting clients to raise some money through bond and stock offerings.
  • Ensuring that the rules and regulations of client protection are followed duly.
  • Ensuring that the processes are gradually and constantly improving.
  • Participating in Projects of Step-Change Improvement.
  • Managing projects like analyzing the system.
  • Striving to identify and specify improvements and developments.
  • Coordinating testing of newer systems and eventual implementation of the new systems.
  • Maximizing efficiency and profitability of the bank.

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