Pc Technician Job Responsibilities

A PC technician is a technician who is responsible for working on computer systems of homes and offices and repairing them in case of complaints. Any pc technician is an expert at solving issues related to computer systems and other computer appliances such as laptops etc… A PC technician may not necessarily be academically educated in the field of computers but must be knowledgeable about computer parts and their working or must have taken the required training to be a technician. The following are some of the job responsibilities of a PC technician.

Pc Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A pc technician is responsible for computer troubleshooting and identifying the problems or complaints in a computer system or appliance.
  • A pc technician is responsible for fixing wiring problems in computer systems or checking for any additional errors or problems in a computer system.
  • A pc technician is responsible for conducting regular services for those computer systems which come within a specified contract period.
  • A pc technician is responsible for visiting the homes or offices of customers and clients when a complaint is made.
  • A pc technician is responsible for maintaining a log of the complaints solved each day regularly.
  • A pc technician is also required to replace old or worn out computer parts if the computers are within warranty period.
  • It is the responsibility of a pc technician to train new technicians which are hired by the computer repair centres at which the pc technician is employed.

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