Petroleum Engineer Job Responsibilities

Petroleum Engineer Responsibilities

This article enumerates the various responsibilities and roles undertaken by the petroleum engineer of an organization. The main responsibility of a Petroleum Engineer is to offer sound technical advice to the crew and the Oil Rig Manager on the various activities of the rig.

It is the petroleum engineer’s responsibility to oversee the drilling and to reduce the cost by providing a rather easier approach.

Petroleum Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Interact with paleontologists, scientists, petroleum geologists and oil rig managers to determine and chalk out the plan for less time consuming and a cost effective method of oil drilling.
  • Supervising all operations and activities of a oil-well and monitoring all personnel and equipment.
  • Ensuring the safety and providing for the welfare of personnel.
  • Ensuring the client is updated on the progress of the well.
  • Understanding the system in which the wells interact with each other.
  • Evaluating the quality.
  • They must monitor and direct the evaluation and completion of wells by testing and conducting surveys on them.
  • They may help in engineering & solve their operating problems.
  • They develop gas and oil field drilling plans & also for the product treatment and recovery.
  • He maintains documents of both drilling and other production operations.

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