Petroleum Geologist Job Responsibilities

Petroleum Geologist Responsibilities

This article shares the various responsibilities of a Petroleum Geologist in an oil corporation. A petroleum geologist is responsible for the exploration of vast expanses of land and conduct detailed studies on the strata and sub-strata enabling him to project the presence of petroleum.

A Petroleum Geologist studies a particular region and projects the details of the stratigraphic arrangement to predict the presence of petroleum or gas deposits.

Petroleum Geologist Job Responsibilities

  • A Petroleum Geologist has to study well logs, analyze cores and cuttings from drillings and interpret the data to determine the presence of petroleum.
  • Must also be able to interpret aerial photographs and recognize physical features that suggest the presence of deposits.
  • Must prepare maps, diagrams and simulations of strata layers and sub-layers and determine the composition of the earth for presence of oil or petroleum deposits.
  • Should study rock samples, minerals and fossils to determine any presence of petroleum deposits.
  • After determining the presence of oil deposits the Petroleum Geologist consults with the Petroleum energy to device a cost effective and easier method to harness this resource for drilling and other uses.
  • Their expert opinions indeed are sought after by various firms and also one can gain release of assets, retention or acquisition with their assistance.

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