Pharma Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

A pharmaceutical sales manager is responsible for making the overall success of the marketing of pharmaceutical products of a company. It is the Pharmaceutical sales managers who play an important role to help the companies strive to maintain profitability. They help to promote pharmaceutical product sales with the help of an effective interaction with the health care professionals and organizations so as to increase the awareness and use of the company’s pharmaceutical products. Various job responsibilities of a pharma sales manager are given below:

Pharma Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

  • They plan work schedules and timetables
  • They monitor the sales activity of those representatives who are under their charge and suggest ways to improve their productivity.
  • They implement¬† as well as plan an effective call plan
  • They help to build an effective business relationship with their health care partners as well as customers
  • They help to develop strategies as to reach out to potential customers and increase sales
  • They also undertake cold calling health care professionals to set up appointments
  • They distribute samples to licensed practitioners
  • They also distribute information to health care professionals
  • They give a product demonstration
  • They answer all questions from health care professionals
  • They organize and execute sales presentations
  • They take sales orders from customers
  • They also develop and present educational programs
  • They organize group events and conferences for health care professionals
  • They maintain a detailed record of all the contacts and meetings. They also create reports when needed
  • They keep themselves up to date the clinical data. They then present it to the health care professionals
  • They keep themselves informed about the day to day activities of health care professionals
  • They keep themselves up to date with the service offerings, competition’s products and activity
  • They establish and maintain effective working relationships with all company support departments
  • They help to provide an after sales service

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