Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

 Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

The following article specifies the various functions of a hospital pharmacist. They serve a wide range of purposes due to the multi-faceted nature of the job. The pharmacist serves the public directly by acting as an interface between the drug manufacturer and the consumer of the product. They provide insight on drugs to the consumer.

The role of a pharmacist is that of a service provider.

Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

  • To check prescriptions in detail before dispensing them to avoid errors.
  • Answering queries put forth by the consumers and patients.
  • Determining the quality and assessing the proper manufacturing and distribution of the drugs.
  • Organizing clinical trials before the large scale consumption of a drug.
  • Supervision of staff.
  • Should have the facilities to sterilize intravenous drugs.
  • Ensuring the adequate storage of all drugs.
  • Should be able to maintain an inventory of all drugs and chemicals along with the date of manufacture, batch number and date of expiry.
  • They need to educate the students, providers, patients and other professionals.
  • You need to be a good speaker to converse about drug companies specialized in various infectious diseases.
  • Participate in several legislative actions which would benefit the providers and patients.
  • They monitor drug interactions amid not only in medicines but also with people who are under weight-loss supplements.


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