Pharmacy Manager Job Responsibilities

The pharmacy manager job position deals with a professional and administrative work concerning the matters regarding the manufacture, compounding and handling out of the medicines in a pharmacy. They are appointed to regulate the overall work environment in the pharmacy and maintain a proper code of conduct and discipline.

Pharmacy manager job description

  • The main responsibility of the pharmacy manager is to plan direct modify and revise the pharmacy procedures and dealings.
  • The pharmacy manager is responsible to keep a check that the pharmacy is open for the trade and handling the prescriptions during the registered opening duration.
  • It is the duty of the manager to see that the pharmacist is present on the premises all throughout the working hours to provide the pharmacy service when required.
  • The manager is the person responsible for assigning assisting and supervising the work of the technical personals and professionals in compounding handling and mixing an extensive variety of pharmaceutical drugs used for or sold to the patients.
  • The manager is required to keep a check on the requisitions of the supply’s which our required and to review analyze and be aware of the new medical preparations which our being recommended for the use of patients in order to provide full assistance to the hospital staff.
  • The pharmacy manager is responsible to establish a standard system for keeping the records of the medicines and account of the payments and dues payments received and due and all the other accounting information relating to the pharmacy.
  • The manager is held with responsibility for the preparation of annual budget of the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy manager supervises and helps the staff in taking and recording the inventories of the pharmaceutical nature.
  • It is the duty of the pharmacist manager to ensure that the staff complies with proper standards of personal hygiene, appearance and presentation.

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