Pharmacy Technician Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities

The following article describes the various functions of a Pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician primarily assists the pharmacist in performing his duties effectively. They are responsible for filling out prescriptions, inventory control and answering queries. Although these are the primary functions they are not restricted to these activities.

Also they need to fill out prescriptions, maintain an inventory and answer queries related to drugs and medications.

Pharmacy Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Must aid the patients and consumers coming to the pharmacy effectively and efficiently.
  • Must make a detailed entry of all patients’ details furnished and the drugs supplied.
  • Must have knowledge of local laws and norms to enable the better functioning of the pharmacy.
  • Must have the ability to update one self on latest developments and advancements in pharmaceuticals and must utilize this knowledge effectively to aid the consumer.
  • Should interact with the patients providing them vital information on issues like proper intake of the drug administered and the dosage.
  • Assist pharmacists in the functioning of the pharmacy effectively.
  • They offer health-care 24 hours-a-day like few retail stores that are situated close by your place.
  • To read the charts of patients, prepare medication, update their charts for the medication delivered & making certain about 24 hour medicine power supply for patients.
  • They are the one’s who make insurance claims.

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