Physician Assistant Job Responsibilities

Physician Assistants are the ones who cater to the healthcare services under the supervision of specialized head physician. In some cases a physician assistant may perform total physicals checks, treat the patient and guide the patients. Physician assistant must have recognized degree from a renowned educational institute and must have passed a program for physician assistants. Following given are some of the major physician assistant job responsibilities.

Job Description of Physician Assistant

  • Physician assistant observes the patients to find information about physical condition. Initial observation report is to be submitted to the senior physician.
  • They understand the diagnostic test reports for digression from normal. If there is any abnormality, physician assistants need to discuss with physician.
  • Physician assistant can build some tentative diagnoses and take decisions about how the treatment should be done for the patient.
  • Obtaining, compiling and maintaining the record for patient’s medical facts and figures including disease history, progress report and physical examination result.
  • Physician Assistant can prescribe for diagnostic examines like blood test, x-ray, echocardiogram, and other laboratory tests.
  • Physician assistant also prescribe treatment or medication but this can be done after taking the approval from the physician.
  • Physician Assistants also helps in therapeutic procedures like immunizations, injections, wound care and infection management.
  • Physician assistants train the patients and make them understand about the therapeutic regimens, normal growth and progress, family planning, psychological problems and regular health maintenance.
  • They provide assistance during surgery to the physicians and also help them in various complicated medical process.
  • Supervising and coordinating various activities of technical assistants is a part of their job.
  • On behalf of the physician, the assistants visit and monitors the patients on hospital rounds, keep the health charts updated, give therapeutic orders and submit compiled report to physician.

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