Pipe Fitter Job Responsibilities

A pipe fitter is an individual who has the specialized knowledge and training of fitting of pipes in structures, walls and fixtures to give them strength and body. A pipe fitter uses various equipments such as tanks, radiators, brackets, clamps and welding machines to ensure that the pipes are fitted properly and are strong enough. A person may work as a pipe fitter either on independent basis or for a service providing company. There are many responsibilities of a pipe fitter and to understand them better, you can refer to the following given part of this article:

Pipe Fitter Job Responsibilities

  • A pipe fitter is majorly responsible for attaching and fixing the pipes to various parts of a structure such as the wall, roof, fixtures and others.
  • He/she is also responsible for ensuring the fact that the quality of the pipes that are used is up to the mark and as per the standards that are suggested by the client.
  • A pipe fitter is responsible for measuring the length and other dimensions of the pipes and marking and cutting them as per the requirement.
  • A pipe fitter is also responsible for welding and threading of the pipes which are going to be used in the construction process.
  • It is the job responsibility of a pipe fitter to use tools and equipments such as cutting torches, saws, benders, pipe fitters, welders etc so as to ensure smooth fixation of the pipes.
  • A pipe fitter is also responsible for removing and repair work of the worn out pipes.
  • One of the important job responsibility of a pipe fitter is to examine, inspect and test the already installed pipes as well as other installed systems to check structural weaknesses and then suggest methods to overcome these weaknesses.

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