Policeman Job Responsibilities

Policeman Responsibilities

Policemen or also called police officers are the ones in charge of protecting the lives and property of the citizens of a country. Other times, they are also called law enforcers, as they are the ones who enforce the law and make sure that nobody acts above the law. Policemen can be assigned in different places and to do different tasks depending on the need and what the situation calls for. They are the ones that citizens run to or call in cases of emergencies.

Policeman Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain peace and order in the place they are assigned to
  • Catch law breakers
  • Work to prevent crimes like theft and robbery, kidnapping among others
  • (May) patrol the street on foot or using squad or mobile cars and or motorcycles
  • (May) do responsibilities¬† in a crime laboratory
  • File reports of incidents
  • Testify at trials or hearings if they have directly related to the case on trial (if that is their assigned area)
  • Attend to call of help and assistance from the people, especially in the neighborhood they may be assigned
  • Report to their superior officers at a designated time or as the superior requires
  • Maintain a professionalism in conduct and behavior as well as in physical appearance
  • Use their badge and guns with honor, respect and discretion
  • Respect everyone
  • Be a model of discipline and bravery.



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