Postmaster Job Responsibilities

Postmaster Responsibilities

The main responsibility of the postmaster is that he has to manage all the account and their respective files. He is responsible to categorize the letters according to the priority. The postmaster is also responsible to check that weather the government seal is properly placed on the letter or not.

Postmaster Job Responsibilities

  • He or she is responsible to manage the department and his respective staff.
  • Postmaster is also responsibility to manage the documentation of daily work and send it to his seniors.
  • He or she has to looks after the account of all the clients and mange the other work in the office.
  • To assign the representative for the distribution of letters is also the primary responsibility of postmaster.
  • He or she is responsible to manage the work of all individual and do daily inspection.
  • Postmaster is responsible to appoint the team for respective department.
  • He or she is responsible to schedule the timing of all his team members.
  • Postmaster is responsible for the work of postal workforce is to process outgoing and incoming mails and to analysis sell postal things like stamps or money orders to the clients.
  • He is responsible to ensure that either the work of post office touches its satisfactory level.

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