Priest Job Responsibilities

Priest Responsibilities

A priest is defined by the dictionary as a person, usually a man, who has been trained to perform religious duties in the Christian Church, especially the Roman Catholic Church; or a person with particular duties and responsibilities in some other religions. A priest may be called by another name in some other religious organizations, but somehow, duties and responsibilities may be similar in nature. The priest is revered as the representative of the church and is usually accorded with great respect from religious and community groups.

Priest Job Responsibilities

  • Lead the church in all its religious ceremonies, activities and undertakings
  • Lead the church in its greatest goal of evangelization and salvation through repentance and other moral deeds
  • Conduct religious seminars, retreats and camps to strengthen the faith of the believers and to evangelize others to believe in God and His Church
  • Celebrate masses regularly and give meaningful homilies
  • Celebrate and officiate in other sacramental ceremonies like weddings, baptisms, confirmation, reconciliation, anointing of the Holy oil and others
  • Motivate lay people to participate in the church as lay ministers, lectors, collectors and readers
  • Meet with the pastoral groups in the church for concerns and plans
  • Supervise the safekeeping of church records like baptismal and confirmation as well as the property of the church
  • Supervise the fiscal management of church funds
  • Organize youth groups to be involved in the church
  • Communicate and relate with the people in the Church and in the community

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