Primary School Teacher Job Responsibilities

Primary School Teacher Responsibilities

The main responsibility of Primary school teacher is to prepare schemes and lesson plans along with the objectives. Their responsibility is to make the students to maintain decorum in the classrooms. He is responsible for maintaining the environment of discipline in order to get rid from any of the mischievous activities done by students. He is responsible for teaching the students and clearing their basic concepts.


Primary School Teacher Job Responsibilities


  • He is responsible for enhancing the student’s knowledge and concepts.
  • His responsibility is to guide students in each and every problem that they face in any of the topics.
  • He is responsible for fostering the students to participate in different events and quiz contests.
  • Primary school teacher is responsible for maintaining the records of each of student in class.
  • He is responsible for co-coordinating with the staff members of the school.
  • His responsibility is to maintain the progress reports of the students of class.
  • He must check daily home works given to the students and must punish the one who failed in their task. Punishment can be of any type, accept physical harassment of students.
  • Timely presentations must be given by primary school teacher in order to pass some innovative ideas to the students for their future career.

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