Private Music Teacher Job Responsibilities

A private music teacher provides vocal and instrumental training to interested students of all ages. This teaching takes place in a school, a college or a community-dependent setting. Teachers can be hired to teach music in a group or individually. Private music teacher job responsibilities primarily include imparting knowledge of music to their students.

Private Music Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Organizing individual music lessons for pupils.
  • Acquiring necessary teaching resources/ instruments.
  • Imparting theoretical knowledge to students at various stages of musical development.
  • Incorporating ear-training and elements of music in general, including instrumental interpretation.
  • Preparing students for future performances, public examinations, festivals, auditions for competitions, etc.
  • Encouraging students towards delivering public performances.
  • Guiding students to improve the musical skills they desire to acquire.
  • Teaching aural skills to students.
  • Regularly assessing students on their musical knowledge.
  • Arranging concerts/ recitals/ programmes for the students.
  • Organizing lesson schedules, enrolling names of students for public examinations in music.
  • Collecting fees.
  • Negotiating schedules and slots of accommodation for the music lessons at schools, working on musical activities alongside other class/ subject teachers in schools.
  • Communicating/ Keeping informed the parents of all pupils regarding their musical progress.
  • Inculcating proper music values.
  • Striking up a good rapport with local authorities for musical services, schools providing music lessons and developing collaborations with colleagues working in the same arena with music.
  • Working/ practicing/ jamming with other groups of fellow musicians like choirs, jazz bands, ceilidh, drumming groups and wind/string ensembles.
  • Providing support to students with music technology, keeping in with the changes in major musical software tools like Sibelius and teaching technical knowhow of recording and other forms of technology.
  • Making sure that you stick to all health and security standards and are sufficiently insured.
  • Working in accordance with the Legislation of Child Protection.

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