Procurement Manager Job Responsibilities

In any organization, the Procurement manager is one, who in the most profound way is responsible for the quality of the delivered service. He must be a person with strong negotiating skills, planning and organizing skills, sound market and financial knowledge, with wide network awareness (of suppliers, vendors and delivery people) and leadership qualities.

Though in most organizations a person is promoted to this position with experience, however, it is preferable if he has knowledge in supply chain and logistics, vendor management, accountancy and tally, and general management skills. Some of the major Procurement manager job responsibilities are given below:

Procurement Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Sourcing, contacting vendors and purchasing goods and raw materials for all departments on a regular basis, based on organizational budgets
  • This also includes scheduling delivery of goods, negotiating with vendorsĀ  and creating reports for executive and financial management
  • When goods are purchased from new vendors or foreign markets, based on resources available, he may be expected to visit the vendor and check for the quality of the goods himself
  • Problem-solving, in times when the inventory lapses, due to late delivery of goods from vendors or poorer quality that standards set
  • He must also project stock levels, and follow up with senior management regarding changing market trends
  • Seek new suppliers, review bids and tenders, negotiate prices and manage budgets
  • He must have a keen attention for detail, so that procurement of goods can change based on the markets changing trends
  • Must be a veteran in CRM and should be able to discuss with customers their specifications, so that required materials can be procured
  • Must liaison with the other departments, so that operations are handled smoothly
  • Must have technical awareness and be able to manage online systems (this includes electronic auctions and tenders)
  • Reducing unnecessary costs by monitoring waste and streamlining redundant processes
  • Sound knowledge of the industry and awareness of substitutes of gods introduced in the market

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