Production Designer Job Responsibilities

Production Designer Responsibilities

The responsibilities of production designer start from visual and audible clarity of film. He is responsible for selecting a design of stage, graphics designing, different dress, costumes and lighting. When concept of presentation is decided, it’s a responsibility of production manager to recruit creative department having designing and other team.

Production Designer Job Responsibilities

–         After reading full script of film, production designer is responsible for notifying or selecting the shots which are highlighted with different visual pattern.

–         He is responsible for arranging meetings with producer and directors to finalize the visual concept of movie and requirements of better presentation.

–         Identifying, planning, designing and monitoring of budget are also a part of responsibilities of production designer.

–         He is responsible for selecting the locations and studios, as per desired map which can fulfill the needs of action shots.

–         Production designer is responsible for producing different attractive costumes, beautiful make-up and special adventurous effects in film.

–         He is responsible for managing other machinery equipment used for make-up, designing of costumes and other technical support like camera.

–         Production designer interacts with team of special effect producer and observes the quality of work.

–         Production designer is responsible for giving instructions to cameraman, light man and photographer.

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