Professor Job Responsibilities

Professor  Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Professor include teaching, conducting research and doing service to the University as well as to the Community. They are responsible to persistently broaden the limit of their knowledge.

For this, they need to learn the materials that can take a longer period mainly for some higher level courses. Their responsibility is typically divided into service, research and teaching.

Professor Job Responsibilities

  • Conducts authentic research in their relevant fields, publishes the outcome in some genuine scholarly journals and finally presents it at conferences.
  • Stay abreast with the recent advances and developments in pedagogy as well as research.
  • Frequently browse through the original research journals relevant for their topic of research.
  • Attend various professional conferences at national and international levels.
  • Keep in constant touch and interaction with other scientists or professors around the world to know about the current trends in their area of expertise.
  • Hire students; provide education and technology to the University.
  • Choose an appropriate book so as to prepare for lectures, supervise teaching assistants etc.
  • Participate in broader community as committee and club members, consultants, content speakers and experts.
  • Organize conferences and seminars for the professional development of students in their group.
  • Edit and act as a referee for the journals of their students.

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