Project Analyst Job Responsibilities

A project analyst is that person who oversees the entire management of a project as well as various departments working on that project. In order to become a project analyst, one should be good in managing various departments at a time and should have a good knowledge of using a computer since one needs to keep a record of the project.

A person aspiring to be a project analyst must have a degree in business management or administration, or one can also have a degree in finance. A project analyst has to perform various job responsibilities, which are as follows:

Project Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • A project analyst needs to keep information of the various activities going in different departments.
  • A project analyst, also known as project manager collects data regarding the project and keeps a record of it.
  • A project analyst approves the design of a project and also evaluates the performance of different people working on that project.
  • A project analyst makes schedules for the project and sees that the project should be completed on time.
  • A person working as project analyst needs to keep an account of the program on Microsoft project and controls the administration through the means of computer.
  • A project analyst sees that the cost related to the formation of the project is charged accurately and also solves any problem related to the costing of the project.
  • A project analyst may have to submit the final reports of a program to the managing director and may also give the report of different departments working under that project.
  • He or she may also look if the project is moving towards the target or not and if it is not the case then the project analyst may take strict actions to direct the project on right track.

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