Psychiatrist Job Responsibilities

Psychiatrist Responsibilities

Psychiatrists are qualified in psychotherapy and diagnostic evaluation. They are supposed to prescribe medications, carry out physical examination and interpret various laboratory tests. They even order tests such as brain imaging studies like computed axial tomography and computed tomography; electroencephalograms etc.

They teach and conduct research in many universities and relate their knowledge to legal cases. They treat patients using various psychotherapeutic medications and methods.

Psychiatrist Job Responsibilities

  • Organize data from the family and friends of the patient.
  • Learn medical history of the patient and onset of symptoms obtained from the patient.
  • Determine the nature and the extent of mental illness.
  • Design treatment programs.
  • Conduct psychotherapy sessions.
  • Prescribe potent and effective drugs for mental illness.
  • Supervise electrotherapy treatments.
  • Conduct research.
  • Lead the team of mental healthcare suppliers.
  • Analyze and then make a diagnosis to understand the mental imbalance of the patient.
  • Maintain a record of the patient so as to analyze the treatment progress.
  • Resolve the past difficult experiences and traumas.
  • Understand their issues and recover their behavior.
  • Explain the treatment procedure and its consequences to the patient and family members.
  • Administer electroshock therapy if other treatments proved useless on patient.
  • They lead teams led by mental health-care contributors.

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