Purchasing Job Responsibilities

Purchasing Responsibilities

The purchasing manager or in simple terms the one who buys or purchases materials and other stuff for the company is one of the key factor in the operations of the company. If the purchasing manager is not keen enough to spot the materials with superb quality, the production of goods and products will not be good enough to start with. In addition, the purchasing manager should also have good interpersonal skills needed to make nice great deals and transactions with suppliers and vendors.

Purchasing Job Responsibilities

  • Plan and estimate procurement needs and requirements
  • Buy goods, products, equipment and others for the company
  • Keep and secure records and files goods ordered, bought and received
  • Look for vendors and sellers of materials, equipment or supplies good for feasible transactions
  • Prepare and process requests and purchase orders for supplies and or equipment
  • Supervise and control the budget of the purchasing department
  • Supervise and manage materials properly
  • Supervise and manage price negotiations professionally
  • Supervise and direct the activities and duties of other personnel assigned in buying and selling of materials, equipment and the like
  • Represent the company in making negotiations and contracts with suppliers
  • Prepare a transparent and clear reports on market conditions and product costs
  • Deal with superiors, co-workers, suppliers and clients professionally


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