Quality Assurance Executive Job responsibilities

Quality Assurance Executive responsibilities

Quality assurance executive in any organization is responsible for developing and implementing quality management procedures and systems. His responsibility is to continuously monitor and review the compliance of the internal functions with the established QA plan, guidelines and processes.

Quality Assurance Executive Job responsibilities

  • His responsibility is to read engineering drawing and ability to use various measurement tools such as micrometers, calipers, profile projectors and CMM and others.
  • His responsibility is to do report on rejections and quality.
  • His responsibility is to communicate with customers on the rejections and corrective actions.
  • His responsibility is to handle out all the management reports.
  • His primary responsibility is to ensure quality products are delivered to the customers.
  • He is responsible to delivery 100% quality products to customers’ at all time.
  • His responsibility is to monitor of in-processed products in production area.
  • His responsibility is to maintain quality instruments in QC room to check components.
  • His responsibility is to minimize product rework or rejection and maintain zero rejection where possible.
  • He is responsible to ensure that QC room is always kept clean and tidy.

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