Quality Auditor Job Responsibilities

A quality auditor is one who is entrusted with the duty of implementation and maintenance of the quality procedures in an organization. Quality auditor job responsibilities include safeguarding the quality standards set in the organization, conduct quality audits and adhering to the typical quality procedures. A quality auditor should have excellent analytical and math skills apart from having an eye for detail to identify errors.

Quality Auditor Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure to comply with all the quality parameters at any point of time in the organization.
  • Liaison with other departments to ensure quality standards are met and provide suggestions for improvement of quality.
  • Ensure all the quality specifications are according to the organization policy.
  • Ensure quality standards for equipment and office tools in the organization that in turn ensure smooth functioning at all levels.
  • Conduct inspection of the work processes and other related aspects once in a month and submit quality audit report to higher management.
  • Prepare quality audit report and review at periodic intervals to track the progress after the audit.
  • Maintain all the files and documents related to the quality procedures, quality audit etc in an orderly fashion at all times.
  • Provide report for non-compliance on all aspects of quality assurance and bring it to the notice of the key persons responsible for such functions in the organization.
  • Ensure compliance of quality parameters for external clients and quality certification standards as may be applicable to the organization.
  • Update the quality assurance policy of the organization by introducing changes according the International Quality policy regulations.
  • Conduct random surprise inspection in various departments that ensures quality checks at all levels apart from enforcing it well amongst all employees working in the organization.
  • Manage the annual quality assurance budget for the organization and submit to top management of the organization for approval.

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