Quality Manager Job Responsibilities

A quality manager is otherwise known as quality assurance manager is a person who helps in coordinating the activities in an organization to meet the specific standards of the organization. On any given day, a quality manager must be able to advise and also monitor if required, the performance of the organization and produce reports on the performance and check it against the set standards. The quality manager job responsibilities pertaining to this job for an organization involve the following activities.

Quality Manager Job Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of a quality manager to devise the quality standards and procedure of the organization.
  • A quality manager needs to review the customer’s requirement and ensure that the requirements are met.
  • It is the obligation of a quality manager to work along with the purchase staff and thus ensure that the quality standards’ of the company are met when bought from the external suppliers.
  • A quality manager should set the standards for quality and health and safety. A quality manager should be capable of maintaining those set standards.
  • A quality manager must assure that the international standards and the national standards set for any particular product while manufacturing and producing is met.
  • A quality manager should be able to define the quality standards to be set by the organization, after discussing with the staff that is operating on the product.
  • It is the obligation of a quality manager to set up of all documentation process. A quality manager is even responsible for maintaining the set documentation process.
  • A quality manager should be responsible for setting up of controls and also be responsible for managing it.
  • It is the obligation of a quality manager to monitor the performance. The performance should be monitored by the quality manager by collecting appropriate data and by producing statistical reports from the collected data.

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