Radio Announcer Job Responsibilities

A radio announcer is a person who works in the field of radio broadcasting. His/ her main motive is to hold various shows on radio related to different fields such as a news announcer needs to give information regarding local or international news, a talk show announcer may interview various celebrities on radio, further there can also be a match announcer who needs to give play by play information of the match going currently. One looking for the job as radio announcer need not have specific educational qualifications for it. Given below are various job responsibilities that are performed by a radio announcer.

Radio Announcer Job Responsibilities

  • One of the main responsibilities of a radio announcer is to give apt and entertaining information to their audience.
  • A radio announcer should keep a continuous flow of communication with the audience so as not to hinder the show.
  • Radio announcer must have a prior script before conducting the show and should relate it with his or her fellow co radio jockey.
  • In certain cases radio announcer may need to conduct an interview of a celebrity and should have prior information regarding the topic of interview.
  • Radio announcer may have to conduct shows on streets or may have to interview people on various places, so he must be always prepared to do such a work.
  • Radio announcer may need to accumulate a list of songs which are to be played on his show and should keep in check with the DJ of the show.
  • In certain cases radio announcer may have to control the technical aspects of the studio such as handling the control board.
  • A radio announcer also interacts with the people listening to the radio by taking their phone calls or by giving them some advices on the radio.

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