Regional Manager Job Responsibilities

Regional Manager Responsibilities

His main duty is to watch over scores of recruitment teams to ensure that the right staff is appointed in each of these teams. A regional manager will be in charge of numerous teams across several consultancies. He will also be in charge of customer relationships and would have to meet them frequently in order to understand and fulfil their needs and requirements.

Regional Manager Job Responsibilities


–          Their main motto is to help the organization grow by bringing in new customers and marketing schemes. And they must report their progressing state to the ‘Director of Operations Geeks on Call’.

–          Operational calls and issues need to be answered.

–          Overall customer satisfaction is monitored.

–          On a regular basis they are required to sustain communication with all the franchisees.

–          Monitor the performances of the franchisees that come under their group.

–          Aid in developing the latest policies, operations and procedures.

–          It is the regional manager’s responsibility to recruit the right kind of people to work for the employers and also see to it that the hiring methods are kept to the standards.

–          They generally have a direct responsibility for achieving regional goals and revenue.

–          And also they take part in fiscal budgets development and is responsible for the regional loss and profit.

–          They are responsible for training, hiring and interview.

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