Retail Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

A retail sales associate is an individual who is hired by a retail store or shop to look after the sales duties and selling strategies on the goods or commodities. A retail sales associate help and assist the customers to make the right selection of products as per their requirement or specifications and are knowledgeable about each product in detail. There are many job duties and responsibilities associated with this job position. The following given points are some of the major responsibilities of a retail sales associate.

Retail sales associate job responsibilities:

  • A retail sales associate is trained to handle the responsibility of demonstrating and describing the product to the customer so that he/she can make the right choice.
  • A retail sales associate is also responsible for using cash registers so as to ring up the transactions.
  • There job may also require them to use barcode scanners, calculators and even credit card machines.
  • A retail sales associate is also responsible for looking for proper arrangement, stocking and display of the products and seeing to the fact that everything is clean and proper.
  • A retail sales associate works at a position where it is his/her responsibility to direct and supervise the salesman and work as per the sale strategies of the store.
  • ┬áRetail sales associates are responsible for looking after the inventory management as well.
  • He/she is also in charge of helping the store know about which products are in demand and which are not so that the store can accordingly buy products in the next purchase.
  • A retail sales associate may also be required to make market visits to study the trends at other stores and compare the sales figures and selling capacities.
  • Any retail sales associate is responsible for looking after customer satisfaction.

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