Retail Sales Executive Job Responsibilities

It is the Retail sales executives who are responsible for seeing the delivery of products and services to the customers. They also manage the sales staff and analyze the customers’ preferences so as to determine the company’s sales potential and increase its profits. Various job responsibilities of a retail sales executive are as follows:

Retail Sales Executive Job Responsibilities

  • They listen to the customer needs and help accordingly to make a sale
  • They develop and maintain relationships with existing customers either in person or through telephone calls or emails
  • They also undertake cold calling so as to arrange meetings with new and prospective customers for new business;
  •  They respond to incoming email and phone inquiries
  • They act as a medium between a company and its existing as well as  potential markets;
  • They help to negotiate the terms of an agreement and the closing sales;
  • They collect market and customer information;
  • They represent their respective organizations at demonstrations, events and trade exhibitions;
  • They negotiate on costs, delivery  price and specifications with the buyers and managers;
  • They help in challenging any sort of objections with the aim of getting the customer to buy;
  • The aid in advising on new and innovative product developments as well as discuss special promotions;
  • They create a detailed proposal document;
  • They also liaise with suppliers to check the status of existing orders;
  • They help in keeping a track on the number of goods on display and in stock;
  • They record sales as well as order information. They then send the copies to the sales office and even enter them into a computer system;
  • They help in reviewing sales performance thereby eying to meet or exceed targets;
  • They help in getting a clear knowledge of customers’ businesses and needs;
  • Attend team meetings and sharing best practice with colleagues.

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