Roofing Job Responsibilities

A Roofer is a person responsible for setting up a waterproof or a weatherproof roof with the help of various kinds of roofing materials such as aluminium, wood shingles, concrete etc. They also need to repair damaged roofs and execute maintenance work.Roofers need to work with many different types of roofing equipment to perform their work such as ladder, hoists, ropes, asphalt kettles, conveyor belts etc. A roofer’s job is very challenging as they need to work outdoors all the time which involves a lot of physical activity. Thus, a roofer needs to be physically very fit, agile and should have the willingness to work in extreme weather conditions. They should have the complete knowledge of the various types of roofing systems and the types of equipment and material involved in the process.

Roofing job responsibilities:

A Roofer needs to have a complete knowledge of different types of roofing and their processes.

They should be able to estimate the cost of installation of a particular kind of roof and should be able to quote the client accordingly.

Prepare and build strong frameworks.

Measuring the area correctly and determining the size of the roof to be installed.

A roofer needs to procure the materials and tools needed for the roofing process.

They should be able to determine the quality and the amount of materials to be used in the process of roofing.

Roofers should be prepared to work in all kinds of weather conditions.

Roofers need to execute repair and maintenance work.

They need to ensure that the structure being built is strong and sturdy.

They are required to work with a variety of materials which includes asphalt, wood, concrete, aluminium, gravel, cement, shingles and slates.

They need to also clean the work area after the completion of the installation job.

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