Sales Director Job Responsibilities

A sales director is a person who is appointed or employed by a company to handle the sales activities of the company. These individuals hold the most important position of the sales department and are responsible for looking after the entire sales operations and activities.

There are many different responsibilities that a sales director may have to handle so as to ensure that all the products manufactured by the company are properly promoted and sold. Given below are a few of the most important job responsibilities of a sales director which can be read for getting a clear idea.

Sales Director Job Responsibilities:

  • A sales director is responsible for sketching out an effective sales strategy for the company and seeing to it that it is properly implemented.
  • A sales director is an employee who is responsible for developing tactics of sales and promotion and administrating the entire sales department by designating different duties to different individuals or members of the sales team.
  • A sales director must communicate with target clients and ensure maximum return from the products.
  • A sales director is also responsible for setting sales targets for return, profitability and also sales growth and ensuring the short term goals are met for making way for meeting long term goals as well.
  • Any person who is appointed as a sales director must take the responsibility of the profit or loss faced by the company and troubleshooting in case of any difficulty or challenge faced by the sales department.
  • A sales director must appoint other sales team members to make a strong sales department which can work towards the goals set by him/her.
  • A sales director is also responsible for increasing the market share and work towards the maximisation of the business opportunities and business development activities.

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