Sales Lady Job Responsibilities

Sales Lady Responsibilities

If you are fond of going to the malls and are doing your shopping on a regular basis, chances are you already know or you have your favorite sales lady you often make transactions with. Sales ladies are the ones who assist and inform the customers about the products the company or the mall sells. They are the ones who help you find your size, style and color and help you fit the merchandise if you prefer to do so. They work in practically all kinds of products and merchandise in numerous industries.

Sales Lady Job Responsibilities

  • Work with customers with the most cheerful and pleasant disposition
  • Give answers to customers’ questions or concerns related to the product they are charged to sell and demonstrate good knowledge of the product
  • Communicate and assist customers in any way possible and as the customers may require
  • Deal with customer’s complaints professionally and with restraint
  • Close as many deals and transactions as possible
  • Process or help process payments made by the customer – whether by in cash or credit card
  • Bag products for the customers (if there’s no other assigned to that)
  • Report sales accurately
  • (May) Travel at times to sell and make representations of the products to clients’ homes
  • (May) Call regular patrons on the phone or other people at retails outlets or storage rooms

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