Sales Marketing Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Sales marketing coordinators directly supervise and coordinate the activities planned by the sales and marketing executives of the organization. A candidate who wishes to work in this job position must have good managerial, interpersonal and communication skills. Various job responsibilities of a sales marketing coordinator are as follows:

 Responsibilities of a Sales Marketing Coordinator

  • They assist the Marketing Manager to coordinate various communication and marketing activities.
  • They help in interacting with their counterparts and building up relationships with them.
  • The coordinates in the production of various types of marketing communications.
  • They develop and maintain sales proposals and collateral, brochures, newsletters, rate cards, desktop publishing and any other materials related to marketing.
  • They help in the production or implementation of marketing materials.
  • They help in the execution of various details that involve email broadcast campaigns, direct mail, marketing trade shows and events, outbound calls, customer communications, public relations, promotions, media advertisements as well as other marketing plans.
  • They help in the preparing performance analysis reports of past campaigns as well as in tracking of campaigns. They also provide recommendations to provide programs for corrective modifications.
  • They help in keeping the communication lines open with all organizations. They also provide prompt answers to requests.
  • They help in developing sales scripts, standardized presentations and proposals.
  • They help in writing as well as in maintaining the¬† content
  • They also provide monthly updates to company website.
  • They help in producing a quarterly newsletter. They even distribute it to the email marketing lists of the company.
  • They help in assisting in tracking, writing as well as timely delivery of press releases.
  • They help in starting the project management system for tracking activities as well as in documenting them.
  • They even attend Tradeshows, company sponsored city tours as well as promotions and events.
  • They even monitor online blogs which can help in tracking communications related to the brand of a company.
  • They work in tandem with the customers in developing references, case studies and testimonials.
  • They help in analyzing as well as in executing the results of advertising and marketing campaigns.

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