Sales Trainee Job Responsibilities

A sales trainee is a person who is appointed by the sales department of a company for a specific period of time as a trainee or an intern. Any sales trainee is a person or an employee who is appointed to learn about the various techniques of selling a product or entity. This job may require no formal education but definitely requires the candidate to have the ability to convince the customer about the product at hand. Given below are the job responsibilities of a sales trainee.

Sales Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • The primary responsibility of a sales trainee is to be able to sell a product or service to the customer.
  • A sales trainee is responsible for understanding the needs of the customer and to suggest a product or service suiting the requirement of the customer.
  • It is the responsibility of a sales trainee to showcase the best of the interpersonal skills he possesses and convince the customer to buy the product suitable for him.
  • Sales trainees are required to visit potential customers and clients for new business opportunities.
  • Sales trainees are required to conduct surveys to understand the needs of consumers and hence help the company to come up with suitable products.
  • Sales trainees must be able to come with quick calculations and hence and suggest best discounts to the customers for their benefit.
  • Sales trainees are responsible for understanding market trends so that they are able to sell their product in accordance with the same.

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