SAP Functional Consultant Job Responsibilities

A SAP functional consultant specifically requires to possess knowledge of SAP designs and models such that he/she can assist customers and all interested audience in the proper selection and execution of the modules of SAP. The consultant must have his concepts clear and also be adept in providing consultation services, since his performance and proficiency as an SAP functional consultant will determine the business encountered and profits garnered by the respective firm. Hence, the consultant must have interpersonal skills and strong business sense, apart from knowledge of SAP and its implementation and functioning.

SAP Functional Consultant Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities required to be handled by an SAP functional consultant include:

  • An SAP functional consultant must have thorough ideas of the various SAP modules, such as SD, WM, HR, PY, MM, PS, and their characteristic features, integration, and testing. Consultants must be aware of the actual design and the manner in which the modules are configured.
  • It is the primary job responsibility of an SAP functional consultant to provide clients with the required support of SAP knowledge, implementation, functioning and integration, so as to achieve the business targets along with meeting customer satisfaction goals.
  • The developmental processes and assignments on SAP modules and implementation of newer ideas need to be controlled by SAP functional consultants.
  • As the job title clearly implies, SAP functional consultants are professionally responsible for ensuring completely perfect functioning of the SAP models at all levels they have been assigned. Also, the constant monitoring over SAP functionalities is an important job responsibility of the functional consultant.
  • The SAP functional consultant must be able to implement and publicize those designs that are effective, fool-proof, and can fetch maximum profits for the company.
  • The organizational standards, company laws, and government regulations over State industries must be thoroughly known to the consultant prior to providing SAP functional consultancy.

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