SAP Security Job Responsibilities

The SAP security job position is created in the organizations due to the extensive use of the SAP software which helps the business in performing its various functions with an ease. The main purpose of appointing a SAP security in charge is to make sure that the information required in the process of SAP application is secured and safe and is not misused. The position may require advanced knowledge about the SAP software and a full understanding of security roles as they are related to the SAP user profiles.

SAP Security Job Responsibilities

  • They are responsible for the development and management of user access rights on computer systems running SAP software.
  • The responsibility of the SAP security in charge is to evaluate and resolve the SAP security issues within the company by following the standardized procedures and processes.
  • ┬áIt is their duty to insure that the SAP application is secured and is in compliance with the various governing acts and procedures.
  • They are expected to prepare and develop plans and procedures for the security and standardization of the SAP application and communicate the same to the members of the organization.
  • It is there duty to build SAP security roles and authorization.
  • They should insure the compliance with the security policies, processes and procedures pertaining to the SAP application.
  • It is the part of the work to perform system reviews and limit the access to insure that the work is performed in accordance with the security policies.
  • It is there prime duty to be aware of the recent developments in the field of SAP security and make sure to the best of their efforts that they are being adopted by the production system of the organization.
  • It is there duty to see and suggest ways and methods to work more efficiently and effectively with the help of the change in the process or automation.
  • They are responsible to assign proper security codes and password to the SAP system and ensure that the information in the system is not mishandled or miss used.
  • They are expected to work with the other information technologies team and businesses to provide specialized SAP security for the projects and minimize the segmentations of the duties and responsibilities that conflict with each other.

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