School Canteen Job Responsibilities

School Canteen Responsibilities

Whenever your snacks and lunches from home would not be enough to satisfy your hunger back in your schooling days, do you remember where in the school you go to? Of course the school canteen! The school canteen provides food for the school staff and students and even parents and visitors. The school canteen is like the mini-restaurant of the school. Canteens or cafeterias are one of the services that schools offer to students while they are in and at the school studying. So what are schools’ canteen people responsible for?

School Canteen Job Responsibilities

  • Provide a clean and healthy place for students and faculty staff and parents and visitors
  • Provide good, healthy and nutritious food and snacks at the most reasonable prices since the canteen caters to mostly school children and students
  • Keep kitchen utensils and equipment clean and healthy
  • Keep the dining area clean, safe and healthy
  • Hire friendly and accommodating service crew
  • Meet all the health and safety standards and rules of the school concerning the canteen
  • Meet with school administration or Parents-Teachers-Associations for other concerns
  • Work with the students and school staff harmoniously
  • Pay the school accordingly (if the canteen is leased to outsiders)
  • Create health programs to help the school in maintaining healthy students at school like participating and contributing to school feeding programs if there’s any to that effect
  • Use and secure school property with care

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