School Counselor Job Responsibilities

A school counselor is an individual who is hired by a school to provide counseling services to the students and helping them with the academics as well as social life. A school counselor must help students in their behavioral imbalances and changes due to the growing up years and social influences. Any person who is employed by a school as a counselor should also be able to help students develop time management skills and select appropriate future careers and goals.

There are many other job responsibilities of school counselors, some of which have been mentioned in the given part of the article:

School Counselor Job Responsibilities

  • One of the major job responsibility of a person who is working as a school counselor is to help students set their academic goals and objectives and select those subjects and careers which are to their liking and interest.
  • Another job responsibility of a school counselor is to help students develop skills like time management, confidence, public speaking etc.
  • It is the job responsibility of a school counselor to ensure that the students identify their strengths and are aware of their weaknesses so that they can further improve their strengths and work upon their weaknesses.
  • A school counselor is responsible for maintaining individual student records and reports so as to measure the changes in them and evaluate their personality development scores over a period of time.
  • A school counselor is also responsible for helping students in improving focus so that they can perform better at sports, academics and other activities as well.
  • Another job responsibility of a school counselor is to make sure that students can align their studies with co curricular activities so that they manage their activities and time well for a better overall performance and growth.

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