School Director Job Responsibilities

School Director Responsibilities

The school director is the chief executive of the institution. He oversees the overall operations of the school and has the command responsibility over the students’ population, school personnel and staff and physical facility, though each one might have its own department head. The school director plans and executes plans, but may sometimes delegate authority and responsibility though he needs to check on the delegated tasks from time to time, as he is still accountable for the tasks though they may have been properly delegated.

School Director Job Responsibilities

  • Make sure that support staff and personnel are given high quality human resource development programs and activities to enhance each individual continuous growth and development in carrying out their profession
  • Make sure that students receive fair and just treatment from every member of the faculty staff and other school personnel
  • Organize student groups to enhance their other potentials as in music, sports and other extra scholastic capabilities
  • Organize parents association so the parents and guardians can also actively participate in the programs and projects of the school
  • Manage the different operations of the school and make sure that each one meets the goals, objectives and standards set
  • Attend meetings at the different levels as called for
  • Make sure that school facilities and equipment are always in good condition and protected for the optimum benefit of the students, faculty and staff as well as parents
  • Manage school funds transparently
  • Make accurate reports regularly

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