School Guard Job Responsibilities

School Guard Responsibilities

The very line of defense for schools or any educational institution is the school guard. The guard is first person you see before you get inside the facilities of the school. It is the guard who is in charge of safety and protection of everyone in and at school – the administrative staff, the faculty, other personnel and most of all the students. The security guard will have to make sure that no individual’s life and property while at school will not be endangered nor put to threat.

School Guard Job Responsibilities

  • Check the entry of bona fide students making sure that outsider students will not be allowed unless permitted by school authorities
  • Inspect and confiscate deadly weapons or any like instruments that can be used to harm anyone at school or even school property
  • Greet people as they come in and as they go out
  • Check the incoming and outgoing visitors to school by logging them one by one as they come – time in and out
  • Check the schedules of students who would like to go out during class hours to find out if they are just skipping classes
  • Report any incidence of violence, drugs, sex or harassment to school authorities immediately
  • Call the police or the nearest community officials for severe cases of violence
  • Call the fire or hospital department in case of fire or medical emergencies
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship with all the school staff and students
  • Attend to some other tasks as may be requested by the school authorities
  • Help students cross the street (at times)

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