School Principal Job Responsibilities

School Principal Responsibilities

The manager and leader of the school is the school principal. He is in-charge of the administrative and supervisory affairs of the school. He manages and relates not only to teachers, but to school children and students, parents, government and community officials and other school staff. A school principal attends to a complex range of its responsibilities for the better operation of the teaching and learning in and at school.

School Principal Job Responsibilities

  • Manage and supervise all school activities
  • Monitor teacher-performance
  • Monitor student-achievement and performance through class observations, individual interviews and testing methods
  • Monitor the maintenance and beautification of school buildings and facility
  • Plan and coordinate the school’s goals, vision and mission
  • Meet and coordinate with government and non-government agencies for solicitation of assistance on school programs and projects
  • Prepare school reports on academic and curricular achievements and facility improvements
  • Conduct staff development programs to enhance teacher skills
  • Meet and coordinate with the higher officials of the Department
  • Manage school funds honestly and transparently
  • Make and keep financial reports
  • Make reports according to the requirements of the Department
  • Work well with all the people in, around and out of the school

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