Seaman Job Responsibilities

Seaman Responsibilities

A Seaman performs various tasks in order to ensure about the smooth functioning and the entire vessel’s operational services. Throughout the entire journey, a seaman keeps vigil on the ship’s path and ensures about the safety and security.

A seaman is also responsible for maintaining the log of a ship, and documenting all the activities onto the vessel. They help maintain bridge in clean condition.

Seaman Job Responsibilities


  • Handling of all the deck gear activities including the cradling, topping and assisting in all kinds of operation in the vessel.
  • Helping the carpenter in repair work.
  • Keeping a proper vigil on any kind of obstacles during the journey, such as, icebergs or any other imminent danger.
  • Responsible for loading and removing the cargo.
  • Acting as a helmsman when called upon.
  • Acting as a cargo watch during the loading and unloading of the cargo operations.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness in the passageways and keeping it more hygienic for the passengers.
  • Operating the machinery of the decks such as the winches and the windlass.
  • Keeping a proper care of the maintenance of the ship and all of its operational gears.
  • Assuming the duties of the man in charge of the lifeboat, as a seaman is a certified life boatman and can handle the lifeboat under sail.

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