Security Administrator Job Responsibilities

The security administrators in an organization are required to secure the official data and information from the unauthorized users within the office and from outside the office also. Hence, these administrators are required to configure and regulate security policies for secure transfer of data between authorized users and denying any unauthorized access to secured data. In this way, these professionals play a significant role in the organizations.

Security Administrator Job Responsibilities:

  • Security Administrator job responsibilities include identifying the data and information to be secured, design security policies for that data, implementing these policies and  maintain the security policies for confidential data.
  • These security professionals are required to design user and group policies so that only authorized users can access the data and unauthorized users are denied from data access.
  • Security Administrator job responsibilities also include managing the backup and recovery policies for sensitive data, designing access control lists, managing user and group IDs for different categories of data and design & implement periodic audits.
  • Security Administrator job responsibilities also include configuration, implementation and troubleshooting of firewall, secure servers, VPNs,  Frame relays, tunnels, Active directory and LAN & WAN security policies.
  • Security Administrators are also required to design, implement and repair intruder detection and prevention policies in order to create a secure environment for data exchange between authorized users.
  • Security Administrator job responsibilities also include time to time upgrade and implementation of latest security tools, policies and practices to secure the data and information from newly developed intruding tools.

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