Security Guard Job Responsibilities

The security guard is required in every kind of organization to ensure safety and security of the premises. It is their duty to safeguard, monitor and prevent any kind of theft, violence or unusual event in the area where his duty is assigned. In large corporations the guards work under the direction of a security director. The security guard is accountable for serving his boss by providing protection against any law violator, and determining any sort of interruption that will incur losses to the client.

Security Guard Job Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of the security guard to patrol the industrial and commercial area on regular intervals to detect and avoid any kind of intrusion and make sure that the doors and windows are secure.
  • They are in charge to respond and monitor any kind of alarms and investigate the interruptions.
  • It is their duty to monitor and approve the entry and departure of the workers, employees, visitors and any other person to protect against theft and threat and ensure the safety and security of the premises.
  • It is their duty to report about the irregularities, damages, theft or any unusual event to the management.
  • It is the responsibility of the security guard to call the police or fire extinguishing service in the case of an emergency or a problem.
  • They are in duty to keep a check on the employees, visitors and patrons to preserve and protect the property and maintain order.
  • It is their job to answer the telephonic enquiries or calls and take down messages and give information during the holidays or non-working hours.
  • It is their duty to give warning to the people for violating the rules and detain or throw out the culprit from the area, using force if necessary.
  • They are required to operate and monitor the screening devices to see the activities of various areas and prohibit the entry to restricted areas.
  • They are expected to scrutinize the security systems and device to ensure their proper working and to detect any evidence of tempering.
  • They are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the controls that regulate building, such as air conditions, furnaces, or boilers.

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