Senior Nurse Job Responsibilities

Senior Nurse Responsibilities

The senior female nurses are also knows as “sisters.” The main responsibility is that they have to assume responsibility of a patient and work in a team. They are a part of the healthcare sector who assesses, treat and educate clients as well as patients. They work in liaison with various and different departments, checking the records, observing and maintaining good working relationships.

Senior Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • Observes minute details and prepare for the doses according to the needs and informing to the Concerned doctor about the patient’s recovery.;
  • Helps in preparing clients for examination of various doctors according to reports and tests.
  • Works with a group of volunteers and guides them on a variety of tasks like work-shops on community programmes etc.
  • Carry out regular checks to ensure that the linen and the rooms are clean and the equipments are in proper working condition.
  • Look after hospital staff and scheduling shifts and duties to other nurses.
  • Should have to act as a counsellor to some patients by providing intellectual and psychological help thereby making them develop a positive attitude towards life which will help in their treatment.


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