SEO Analyst Job Responsibilities

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of optimizing the visibility of a web site in the search results of a search engine. SEO analysts are responsible for implementing various strategies concerning social media for clients. An SEO analyst has a firm grasp on what may contribute to the success of their clients and are thus provide steady support initiatives to meet those ends. Let’s take a look at the basic job responsibilities of an SEO analyst.

SEO Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • SEO analysts define an institution’s SEO strategy and makes sure these are aligned with their marketing and business goals.
  • They perform keyword research pertaining to a client’s business needs and help optimize the content which already exists as well as uncover new opportunities.
  • They suggest structures for SEO analysis which are up to the standards of other web sites and web pages.
  • A SEO analyst researches on web strategies, analyzes them and after gathering the qualitative data from them, they include it in their recommendations and help implement such strategies in a business organization.
  • SEO analysts administer various search engine programs such as: XML sitemaps, webmaster tools, etc for diagnostic reporting on various client projects.
  • They research and resolve HTML codes, navigation issues and link architecture.
  • SEO analysts help to develop and sustain marketing content for socializing and use in social media. For example: blog posts, customer oriented video briefing, customer based case studies, etc.
  • They use various social communities to develop and execute their content strategies in accordance with their SEO goals.
  • It is very important for an SEO analyst to always be up to date with search engines and current trends in the marketing industry and social media.
  • They are to provide effective communication between the team and the organization’s management during development of a project and keep them noted on the project timeline and result.
  • A SEO analyst is expected to work and cooperate with other team members to achieve client goals.

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