SEO Writer Job Responsibilities

SEO Writer Responsibilities

The main job of an SEO writer is writing compelling content that meets prime search engine standards.  They should also know how to avoid problems like keyword stuffing, should have good creative expression with words, good research skills and fast typing speed, create or edit original articles in a way which appeals to the readers, having research and analytical skills.

SEO Writer Responsibilities

–          Responsible for writing compelling and original articles as part of the strategy with titles, headings and descriptions, ability to research and write articles for various topics to catch the search engine eyes with keyword densities.

–          Maintaining good relations with all the team-members of other branches like copy-editing.

–          Editing and checking of errors in the articles.

–          Experience and knowledge of conducting workshops for juniors on keyword research using various industry tools

–          Preparing a keyword portfolio of highly competitive keywords and soft words, and arrangement of these words with bizarre twists of diction to make the keywords fit into the text of the article relevantly.

–          Formatting the keywords into a code to be easily picked up by search engines, incorporating the keywords into articles as titles.

–          Conducting research for new keywords, interacting with clients and write copy that increases the search engine traffic for their websites.


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