Stadium Manager Job Responsibilities

A stadium manager is a person who has been appointed by a stadium’s authorities for the management, administration, operations and functioning of the stadium. Any person working at the position of a stadium manager must be well acquainted with each part of the stadium and should have control over the workings of the stadium staff such as cleaning staff, technical staff, helping staff, maintenance staff, electrical department staff, ground staff etc. thus there are several duties and responsibilities which fall in the lap of a stadium manager. The following are some of the major job responsibilities which a stadium manager has to perform:

Stadium Manager Job Responsibilities

  • A stadium manager is responsible for managing and administering all the activities of the stadium such as safety related issues, ground cleanliness, electrical department’s smooth functioning, technical troubleshooting etc.
  • He/she must assign duties to all the staff members working in a stadium and must appoint leadership positions to members of each of the various departments.
  • Another responsibility of a stadium manager is to make sure that everything is in proper working order even when the matches are not being played on the stadium.
  • During a match or an event in the stadium, the stadium manager must appoint volunteers and extra staff to ensure the smooth functioning.
  • It is the job responsibility of a stadium manager to communicate with vendors, sponsors and other stadium officials to discuss important matters and take vital decisions regarding the stadium.
  • A stadium manager is also responsible for doing important paperwork, maintaining records of employees and handling financial issues and matters with the help of subordinates or other officials working at high posts in the stadium.
  • He/she must ensure that the audiences get the required facilities and the dressing rooms etc are also in proper shape and as per rules and regulations.

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