Support Technician Job Responsibilities

A person working as support technician needs to solve all the computer related problems including both hardware and software issues, of the clients. They need to organize and manage the computer and also upgrade any new software available on net. A person seeking the job of a support technician should have a degree in computer engineering and further knowledge of solving the computer related issues are helpful in attaining the job at a good post.

There are various job responsibilities performed by a support technician. These responsibilities are as follows.

Support Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A support technician is available for solving computer related problems of the staff of the company, as well as the clients needing the support.
  • He or she solves the issues related to damage in the hardware of the computer or software of the computer, further any difficulty in the operating system is solved by them.
  • A support technician must be good in communication since they have to deal with the clients having the problem with their computer.
  • A support technician may explain the steps of solving the problem on phone or online to their clients, without any face to face interaction.
  • A support technician needs to train the staff on the usage of software and hardware related issues of computer.
  • Further they are required to install operating system on the desktop computers and also check the configurations.
  • Further they need to keep a check on the list of hardware supplies required by the clients and ensure that correct hardware parts are delivered on the exact date to the client.
  • They have to deal with the clients on internet and may need to send the information regarding the payment procedure that their company follows.
  • They need to ensure that the desktop computer is successfully installed with the anti-virus.

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